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Lost Your Data? Don’t Panic : Not All Is Lost

Sometimes computers can seriously malfunction causing massive disruption to emails, critical system files, database and user data files whether for your company or your personal information.

In some cases, even when files are simply or accidentally deleted, it may be possible to recover the files, but quick and professional action is needed. It is critical not the use or write to the device as soon as you suspect data loss.

Call us right away at 585-484-7071

Type of Files & Media We Can Recover


Retrieving valuable files and photos

It is still likely that we can still retrieve your valuable files and valuable family photographs.

System & data recovery

Many times we are able to recovery your data but it depends on how damaged your hard drive is as to whether we can successfully retrieve your data.

  • Hard Drive Recovery – Hard Drive Failure
  • External Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • USB, Flash Memory Card recovery

If we can not recover your drive we can send your drive to people who can, and save you 10% by just mentioning our name.

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